R-Cage Bed Platform


At Radius we are all about the DIY'er doing their own thing. If you've got the skill and the time then cut your own bed platforms and share your work with us - we love it. But if you'd prefer to get on the road quickly then consider our Bed Platforms which fit perfectly with the R-Cage Bed Frame. The price is for both halves of the Bed Platform. The R-Cage Bed Frame and Mattress are sold separately (check out the R-Cage Bed Kit for the full system).

They're 3/4" and made from marine-grade birch plywood, as well as pre-finished on both sides for durability and wipeable clean-up. The CNC cuts are easy on the eyes with handy features like hinge holes and openings to lock our Trapper Net in place. 

We offer two options for sleep orientation: 1) for the sideways sleeper, and 2) for the longways sleeper. When ordering your Platform, make sure it's the same orientation as the Mattress.


  • Economy option: pre-finished birch plywood
  • Premium option: Formica laminate over multi-ply


  • See below for more detailed DIY dimensional drawings and .dxf file.

 For the DIY'er

  • Download more detailed dimensional drawing: Sideways | Longways
  • Download .dxf file to be used with CNC router, or provide to your local cabinet shop: Sideways | Longways
  • Fits perfectly into the Sprinter R-Cage, and pairs with the Mattress.
  • The only way you can use our sleep sideways Bed Platforms is if you've installed Flarespace Flares. If you don't want the Flares then you need to buy the sleep longways Platform and sleep longways Mattress.
  • Designed: Monterey, CA
  • CNC Cut: Monterey, CA




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