Ford Transit Folding Bed System Kit

$4,860 $6,075

Easy to Install Fold-Away Ford Transit Bed System

Folds Away in Minutes!

If you need the utility of the van during the week, this bed kit allows you to go from cargo-to-adventure with ease. The bed platforms fold up quickly, giving you extra van storage when you need it. The mattresses stow to the sides against the wall, and all your bedding fits in the Storage Loft (sold separately).

Incredibly Strong & Comfortable

This bed kit is extremely strong and can be set up in a few hours. It simply bolts to four points on the floor and drilling holes in the floor is required. The four compression blocks keep it snug to the van walls. It can also be easily removed when needed, such as moving it to your next van. The premium mattresses are incredibly comfortable.

Two sleep orientations

You can sleep sideways or longways. Sideways will allow a mattress width of 72-74".

What's Included in this Kit

Garage Space

When the bed platforms are down and it's in sleep mode, the garage space underneath the bed kit is 32-36" so you can fit bikes or other gear.


Currently compatible with Ford Transit 2015-present 148WB High Roof Cargo and Crew vans. We have a universal version for cargo trailers in development (contact us for more details). We also offer models for High Roof Sprinter Vans.


Check out the Bed Kit Accessories for extra storage, keeping stuff from falling off the bed while driving, or attaching things to the bed frame (fire extinguisher, shovel, iPad, etc).


Hardware is provided to assemble the cage and bolt it into your van.

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