Sprinter Roof Rack Solar Mount Platforms


Our Solar Mount Platforms provide a more robust mount for your panels than the Solar Mount Clips. They provide a continuous span of aluminum that bridges from Cross Bar to Cross Bar which provides ultimate flexibility in where you choose to install your panel. The Solar Mount Platforms fit perfectly with our suggested 34" install spacing of the Cross Bars. This 34" Cross Bar spacing maximizes the available racking space and allows for the use of our Solar Mount Platforms as well as Roof Deck.

Each order contains (2) Solar Mount Platforms predrilled to mount to the Roof Rack Cross Bars and powder coated matte black. We do not drill the platform that your panel bolts to which allows you to custom fit and drill. We provide the necessary hardware to install the Solar Mount Platforms to the Cross Bars. You provide the hardware to install your panel on our Solar Mount Platforms.



Stainless steel mounting hardware to crossbar included. Solar panel to clip hardware not included. Powder coated matte black finish.


  • Aluminum


  • L30.85" x 2.71" x 3.5"
  • For a flush fit of your solar panels with the Cross Bars, make sure the overall width of your panel and mounts does not exceed 2-5/8". For a fit below the Cross Bars, make sure the overall width of your panel/hardware is under 2-5/8".
  • Allows a variety of panel sizes to be installed.
  • Allows items like kayaks, or lumber, to be installed over the solar panel, as long as the width of your panel/hardware is under 2-5/8".
  • Design: Monterey, CA
  • Made: CA

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