R-Cage Bed Mattress


NOTE: Contact us if you'd like to expedite shipping for your Mattress since the current estimated standard shipping time is three weeks.

At Radius we support the DIY'er. If you want to create your own comfy mattress, then go for it and show us some pics. Or, if you'd prefer to get on the road quickly and in comfort, then consider our R-Cage Mattress, which fits perfectly with the Bed Platform and R-Cage Bed Frame.

Choose your vehicle, mattress firmness, and sleep orientation:

  1. Mercedes Sprinter 144WB (high roof)
  2. Mercedes Sprinter 170WB (high roof)
  3. Ford Transit 148WB (high roof)
  1. Economy - 5.5" firm foam
  2. Premium - 6" medium-firm foam
  1. Sideways (depending on your height, we recommend installing flares)
  2. Longways

All options have an organic cotton fabric cover.

When ordering your Mattress, make sure it's the same orientation as the Bed Platform.



    All of our mattresses are split so that they can fold up to the walls of the van when not in use. The sideways options split under the sleeper's hips, and the longways options split between you and your sleep buddy.


    • Foam w/ organic cotton cover


    • Sideways - total 54"x74" (split, so each half is 54"x37")
    • Longways - total 58"x74" (split, so each half is 29"x74")
    • Fits perfectly with the Bed Platform and Sprinter R-Cage.
    • The only way you can use our sleep sideways mattress is if you've installed Flarespace Flares as well as our sleep sideways Bed Platform. If you don't want the Flares then you need to buy the sleep longways Mattress and sleep longways Platform.
    • Mattresses are drop shipped from our manufacturer within 3-4 weeks.

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