Camp Dish Drying Bag


As if dishes aren't bad enough. You mean we have to dry them too before we can hit the road. No longer. Wash, stuff our Radius Dish Bag, and hit the road. In fact, one can almost justify never putting the dishes away with this gem hanging from a seat back, a tree, or just about anywhere in camp.

Features & Specs 

Ample length tether straps with anodized aluminum hooks, (1) main compartment with (3) front pockets for smaller items, and internal aluminum stave to keep the structure.


  • Reinforced PVC netting
  • Aluminum stave
  • Anodized Aluminum hooks


  • 22" wide x 20" tall x 4" w/ pleats extended
  • Easily holds a 12" diameter mixing bowl
  • Easily holds dishes for a family of (4) to (6)

Good to know:

  • Use magnetic hooks to hang from your vehicle, metal table, etc
  • Design: Monterey CA
  • Made: Cambodia


Video: Get To Know Dish Bag

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