Sprinter Van Bed System Kit - Sleep Longways


No drilling! This Sprinter Van bed system kit can be set up in a few hours and simply mounts to the existing factory D-ring locations.

This kit is for sleeping longways, and is currently compatible with 144WB High Roof Sprinters. We have additional models in development - 170WB, Ford Transit, and universal version for cargo trailers.

We also offer a Sleep Sideways Kit for Sprinter Vans with flares installed, as well as a DIY bed system option if you only want the R-Cage and plan to make your own bed platform.

If you'd like to sleep longways, this is the perfect kit to get you started, and then we offer accessories for extra storage and keeping stuff from falling off the bed while driving - Storage Loft and Trapper Net.

This kit includes:

Hardware you'll need is provided, to assemble the cage and bolt it into your van.

Each product above can also be ordered individually. If you want to cut the plywood platform halves yourself, we offer drawing files on the Bed Platform product page.


  • R-Cage: 6061-T6 Billet aluminum connectors, aluminum tubing
  • Bed Platform: pre-finished birch plywood
  • Mattress: foam w/ organic cotton cover


(See the drawing images below for detailed dimensional information)

      • Currently compatible with 2007+ High Roof 144 Sprinters.
      • If you want to sleep sideways, make sure you have Flarespace Flares installed
      • We provide an optional specially-bent top bar that works with the factory AC roof top unit.
      • Two (2) accessory clamps included.
      • Works with several floor thicknesses.
      • Works in passenger, crew, and cargo vans. Vans with plastic moulding covering the rear door pillars requires a modification in order for the bed platform restraint plate to attach to the pillar.
      • Works with factory headliners and most wall trim kits.
      • See the product disclosure for detailed info on all of these topics.
      • Design: Monterey, CA
      • Made: Hardware made in Taiwan. Tubing formed in California.



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