From the beginning, we were compelled to find a social purpose effort that we could get behind and fold into the Radius Outfitters culture and way of life. Sounds like an easy thing to do but when we really started to explore who we might want to partner with it became more challenging than we expected. Let’s face it, there are so many deserving groups doing amazing work. However, we wanted to find a partner whose work really resonated for us. We wanted a partner that liked similar things and that shared our values. Even better if we found a group of folks that we like to be around.

After a year’s search, we found ‘em and we are thrilled. They are the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship located in Quincy, CA. The SBTS is a non-profit organization dedicated to building and maintaining trails, building community, growing economic prosperity, and restoring public trails in the Lost Sierra. 

Beyond taking care of the trails in the Lost Sierra, they’d like to make their model replicable for other communities whose economies are dependent upon surrounding Forest Service, State, and private lands and associated policies. They can help empower other communities to utilize trail management, form collaborative partnerships, and develop strategies to strengthen their economy, retain and attract quality residents, and create local jobs.

How does their work speak to us? At Radius, we are hikers, mountain bikers, dirt bikers, over landers, and lovers of the northern Sierra. We also value community and getting involved in efforts near and dear to us. Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship checks all of the boxes. Radius Outfitters is committed to being ongoing financial supporters of SBTS and we are excited about time in the Lost Sierra spending time with this amazing crew.

Learn more about them at and see if you’d like to join us in supporting their work. There are all kinds of creative ways to get involved.