Sprinter Roof Deck


The Radius Roof Deck panels add a whole new level of rack functionality. Most of us don't need a fully decked roof - although that could be achieved using (9) of these on a 144" wheelbase Sprinter.

Here's how we use them and suspect most of you will too. Our Radius van has (4) Cross Bars spaced at 34" on center. This creates (3) open bays between Cross Bars. Our front bay is fully occupied by a Zamp solar panel so no need for Roof Deck there. The second bay back is occupied by solar water tanks on one side, leaving us two locations for Roof Deck. The third and last bay is occupied by solar water tanks on one side and a Max Air fan in the center leaving us one location for Roof Deck.

So the Radius Van has (3) Roof Decks total with all of the other locations occupied by equipment. We love this system because it's affordable, it's very configurable off of the shelf, and it looks sharp. Download the configuration drawings below.



Stainless steel installation hardware included to install to Cross Bars. Integrated mounting bosses allow the use of US Cargo L track tie downs. Matte black traction powder coated aluminum.


  • Matte black traction powder coated aluminum


  • 22" x 30.85" x 1.25"

Download configuration drawings: 

  • Our Roof Decks are designed to fit perfectly between Cross Bars at 34” centers. One could arguably orient a Roof Deck 90 degrees for a lesser center to center but they’d have to drill their own holes in the Roof Deck.
  • Pay attention to conflicts from roof fans and rooftop air conditioners.
  • We know we keep talking about the big guy but he's a great test subject. And, yes, at 235# he can stand on these too and they do not yield. Also, be careful up there - it's a big fall. OSHA would say you should be strapped in.
  • Design: Monterey CA
  • Made: CA
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