1" Radius Bomber Cam Strap


The price above is for (1) strap. 

Who doesn't love a bomber cam strap? Our straps are sturdy and fun. We use sublimated polyester and a high-quality cam buckle. Our favorite feature is the printed length on every strap. We've all been there trying to find a 4' strap in a pile of polyester. Grab with confidence. They're resistant to abrasion and water damage. Use them for strapping down almost any inanimate object - not your climbing buddy or your firstborn. Choose lengths of 2', 4', 8', or 12'. 

Our 1" webbing has a breaking strength of about 3800# and a working load of about 1200#. Each of the four 1" bar tacks are good for 240# or 960# total. Our 1" cam buckles have a breaking strength of 2200#. We like to think of these as straps with a 400# safe load limit.


  • Zinc buckle, Stainless steel pin and spring, polyester webbing


Designed: Monterey, CA

Made: Webbing is cut, sublimated, and sewn in Eugene, OR. Buckle made in China.  

This item is priced per strap; buy 2 for a matching pair.

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