Camp Cocktail Table - "The Kickstand"



Standing Height for Hanging Around with Friends

It’s 40” tall so you won’t be constantly bending over. It’s perfect for mixing cocktails, making coffee, sharing snacks with friends, eating dinner for two, or whatever else while you're standing and keeping the blood flowing. 

What's Included:

  • Bamboo table top with leg connector
  • Three (3) anodized aluminum legs
  • Protective bag for bamboo tabletop
  • Protective carrying bag for aluminum legs

Easy to Set Up Table

Simply insert the three aluminum legs into the plastic bung on the underside of the camp tabletop, and make sure the legs are snug so they don't slip out. This portable cocktail table is easy to transport and can be set up in less-than-a-minute at camp or in your backyard. The 3-leg design allows for stability on uneven terrain.

Slots for Hanging Trash Tube or Kitchen Organizer

Save space and don’t waste time making trips to and from the vehicle. The sixteen (16) 1”x2” slots along the perimeter of the tabletop are perfectly spaced for hanging a Trash Tube, making it easier to discard limes after making margaritas or food scraps after preparing a charcuterie board. Hang a Kitchen Organizer from another side of the table and have easy access to your knives, utensils, corkscrew, or whatever else you need from your mess kit.

Multiple Color Options for Legs

Choose from Red, Orange, Blue, or Silver in the dropdown above.

Durable Materials for the Outdoors

The bamboo tabletop is hand rubbed with food grade mineral oil. Each aluminum leg is anodized and has a sturdy rubber foot at the end. The plastic bung is connected with stainless steel hardware and has a reinforced design to protect it from having the legs repeatedly inserted & removed.

Dimensions & Specs

The assembled table weighs 14.5 lbs. The table top is 22”x22”, 3/4” thick, and made of bamboo. The legs are 40” and anodized aluminum tubing - 1” in diameter and 1/8” thick walls. Each leg has a rubber foot to protect and keep the leg firmly planted on any surface. 

How to Care for the Tabletop

Similar to your home breadboard, the bamboo tabletop has been hand rubbed with food grade mineral oil that should be reapplied as needed. If you want to avoid it taking on stains and discoloration, consider applying a polyurethane finish. Use a mild soap and water to clean, and allow to dry completely before storage. Do not allow moisture to stay overnight on the bamboo.

Made in USA

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