Gear Box 5500



You’ll be obsessed with this box.

Plenty of Room for Larger Items and Multiple Essentials

55 liter capacity. Stay organized when you’re camping, overlanding, mountain biking, traveling, and more. This is our largest Gear Box and great for storing your kitchenware, stove & fuel, dry goods, wine & tequila collection, snacks, bike gear, first aid & recovery gear, and other essentials.

Customizable with Multiple Compartments

Each Gear Box comes with dividers, and extra divider kits are available if needed. Use the movable velcro dividers to configure your gear box based on what you’re storing and organizing. There’s a plastic insert included to help adjust the dividers and set them at those 90-degree angles we obsess about - #IYKYK.

No More Rattling & Squeaking Sounds

The quilted sides dampen all those annoying sounds while you’re driving…rattling silverware & squeaking plastic drive us crazy. If you use the dog tag labels, make sure they have silencers.

Stays Put When You Drive Fast & Take Corners

There are two velcro strips on the bottom, which keep this storage box in place on the carpeted surface in the back of your vehicle when you’re taking corners full-speed.

Quick and Easy Access with Removable Lid & Magnetic Latch

The lid connects with a strong velcro strip. There is a magnetic pull-tab that quickly latches and unlatches, so you can quickly get to the things you need when you’re on the road and at camp.

Stackable and Strong Enough to Sit On

These storage boxes are built to last, with a ballistic Cordura outer material. When the dividers are set up inside, they can easily handle 100+ lbs of weight on top. There are notches on the lid and grooves on the bottom for easier nesting when you stack multiple Gear Boxes. The 3500 & 5500 have the same footprint and nest perfectly.

Collapsible & Arrives Flat

Use the injection-molded corners to quickly set up your Gear Box and start organizing your essentials. Check out the assembly video below. Then collapse it at any time, whether you need more room on your overland adventure or pack it away in the off-season.

Comfortable to Carry with Leather Handles

Your hands will thank you for investing in a storage box with genuine leather handles. Warning: it might be a gateway to more leather in your life.

External Pockets for the Smaller Essentials

There are three expandable external pockets on both sides, making it easy to stash those items you likely need on the go – batteries, headlamp & flashlight, tissues, snacks, and more.

Weather Resistant

While we tried to think of everything, these Gear Boxes are not waterproof – we decided all the other features were more important. If the outside gets wet or dusty, use a cloth towel to dry or brush it off.

It Looks Amazing

Fact. Should not be ignored.

Weight and Dimensions

  • Weighs 13 lbs, including dividers and lid
  • Exterior w/ handles compressed: W 25.25" x L 16.75" x H 12.25"
  • Interior: W 21" x L 14.25" x H 11.125"

Materials and Manufacturing

  • 1680D Cordura main body
  • Genuine leather handles
  • Designed in Monterey, CA and made in Cambodia

30-Day Returns and Limited Lifetime Warranty

The bottom line is that we want you to be happy with our product. If our product lets you down then please contact us and we'll make every effort to make it right. Our interests are in alignment on this. We'll be super cool about build quality issues, defects, material failures, craftsmanship, etc. We might be less cool about replacing something that has clearly been abused.

Customer Reviews

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  • 55 liter capacity
  • Weighs 13lbs
  • 6 dividers are included so that you can create your own custom configurations. We also offer extra divider sets if needed.
  • Gear Box arrives flat. Watch the assembly video for how to insert the injection-molded corners and adjust the velcro dividers.
  • Ballistic material with rigid top and bottom
  • Removable lid with magnetic Fidlock catch
  • Leather handles
  • Expandable pockets on each end for smaller items
  • Velcro strips on the bottom, keeping it from sliding on carpeted vehicle floors.
  • We also use our Dog Tags with color-coded silencers to label each one.


  • 1680D Cordura main body
  • Leather, Nylon, & Poly


  • Exterior w/ handles compressed: W 25.25" x L 16.75" x H 12.25"
  • Interior: W 21" x L 14.25" x H 11.125"



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