Radius R-Cage Bed System for Sprinter Vans - Install in a Day

The Radius R-Cage Bed System is a patented clever AF sleep system for the business end of your Sprinter van. If you’re the type of person who wants to maintain the utility use of your van, while also being able to sleep in it, then the R-Cage is perfect for you. If you want the fancy New York City apartment in your Sprinter van, then it’s probably not the right fit and we can point you in the right direction of some talented builders.

We love using our Sprinter van on the weekends and for occasional multi-week trips, and have just about every piece of available Radius gear in use… it’s a showroom on wheels. The best part about the Radius R-Cage Bed System is being able to also use the van to haul sheets of plywood, appliances, etc whenever we need, by simply folding up the bed platform to regain the center space. Our Sprinter is in sleep mode 99% of the time with plenty of space below the bed deck but within 3 minutes we can fold up the bed and have full use of the cargo bay. 

When we do hit the road for off-road adventures, we’ll put the motorcycle inside until we get where we’re going and then fold down the bed platform to sleep. Made from machined billet aluminum and digitally bent aluminum tubing, the R-Cage Bed System bolts to the factory D-ring locations in your Sprinter van floor. This creates the structure needed for your fold-up bed panels, Radius Gear Loft overhead, and Radius Trapper Net to keep shit from sliding off the bed when hitting the brakes. 

The R-Cage Bed System is perfect for folks who want to do their own installation but not the building. Depending on your skillset, the R-Cage can be installed in less than six hours. That means you’re able to hit the road right way and start sleeping in your Sprinter van. We will also provide the drawing specs for the bed platform, if you prefer to build that part yourself; otherwise, we have the plywood surfaces available in at least a couple options.

We've always envisioned this for the DIY Sprinter person but it's also loved by tradesman that use their Sprinter for work M-F and play on the weekends. We've also heard that it's amazing for Sprinter over landing as it allows the body to twist without issue.

The Radius R-Cage Bed System will be available soon to order, and sign up for our newsletter to know exactly when.

Let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to meeting more of you out in the wild… on or off-road.


ūüėÉ looks pretty awesome what‚Äôs your selling price for the 144 Sprinter van. Has the rear First Row seating thank you John ūüĎć

John Robinson June 13, 2022

Liking the R-cage Bed .

Bobby woods April 25, 2022

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